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Discovering Tossa de Mar

It is not important if you try to find Turissa, the Iberian Tossa, the medieval fortress of the Vila Vella or today's Tossa de Mar, you will always be in the middle of an attractive natural area, the Selva (wild area, forest) which offers an additional richness, apart from the often over-populated beaches, Playa Grande Big Beach Playa Grande (Platja gran in Catalan), Playa de Mar Menuda Beach Mar Menuda (Platja de la Mar Menuda in the language of the catalan people) or Playa El Codolar (Platja d'Es Codolar), the old fisher port of Tossa.
Even if you do not find any longer Tossa de Mar that Ava Gardner saw in 1950 when she discovered Tossa de Mar to play the principal part of Pandora there, this small city did not lose anything of its fascination until today. Even if the vineyards have disappeared and only few fishermen earn today their living exclusively from the sea, the atmosphere of Tossa seduces each visitor. You'll discover in nearly every street of Tossa art and art-craft which already presents an 80-year-old history.
This is why you can wonder why the majority of Tossa's visitors make their stays only to "holidays on the beach", a kind of longer siesta. We have the Mediterranean flora to our feets, more than 100 species of medicinal herbs to discover and the environment of Tossa de Mar offers an ecological system which is almost lost elsewhere. Even the light of Tossa enchanted Marc Chagall, like other painters, when he stayed in the Catalan town. Why not join the useful to the pleasant. A few hours of a stay are enough to discover the other Tossa which you will never forget.
And, perhaps, some more information awaits you which many prospectuses forget to name: Tossa de Mar is not in Spain but in Catalonia which once was an important kingdom. Thanks to our guidance you discover also the other face of Catalonia: its history, its art, its monuments, its literature, its music, its art of cooking and its own language The Catalan language which persisted for many years only in secrecy and is now home again in every Catalan school.
But do not be afraid: Even if you take part in one or more of our activities - if you walk with us in the hills, participate in any of the diving Diving courses courses in Tossa or if you look further into your knowledge in digital photography - you keep much time for the beach and your relaxation and - after your participation - we recommend you also the restaurant with your taste.
You do not risk a lot by taking part in one or more of our proposals. If you wish it, we can also help you to find a hotel or a pension in Tossa that corresponds to your budget. We are already on the spot in Tossa de Mar, the "Pearl of the Mediterranean Sea". And if you wand to buy or rent a house in Tossa de Mar, we know the Real Estate agents to contact.