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Traditional events in Tossa from July to December 2008

2nd of July
Fest of the Verge del Socors, the saint patron of the chapel Mare de Déu dels Socors in the Vila Nou. In the evening "Toquen a Córrer, Ses Nou Sardanes", in which the inhabitants of Tossa and his guests dance to the sound of Sardanes in the streets of the city.
13th of July
Aplec de Sant Benet, pilgrim's march to the chapel of Sant Benet in Tossa with pleasant get-together, Sardana and a picnic
The whole August
15th International Music Festival
10th of August
Big fair of Drawing and Painting
31st of August
52th International contest in quick painting, Premi Internacional Tossa de Mar de Pintura Ràpida, which welcomes every year approximately 200 participants. The total prizes are 8000 Euros.
Sardana DancersThe whole September
Gastronomic campaign "Cim-i-Tomba". Numerous restaurants offer in September a typical menu from Tossa. The main dish of each menu is a preparation of a "Cim-i-Tomba", a special fish casserole.
11th of September
National Day of Catalonia, Diada Nacional de Catalunya, with Sardanes
27th of September
International day of tourism. Honoured guests are tourist who spent 25 years or more of their vacation regularly in Tossa. Only Hotels and Pensions offer their list of guests.
At the end of September
15th big VW beetle meeting (Concentració de clàssics VW). Numerous events and street competitions take place.
11th of October
Concert of Sardanes
12th of October
21th Aplec de Sardanes, meeting of numerous Cobles and Sardanistes which present their art of dancing
13th of October
Aplec de Sant Grau, pilgrimage to the chapel of Sant Grau, pleasant being together on the place in front of the building, with a mass in the chapel and Sardaneson the same place
6th - 8th of December
Christmas fair at the Passeig de Mar with mainly products from Tossa
At the end of December
Three evening performances of the "Pessebre Vivent" in the oldest part of the town, the Vila Vella. During the three days of the performances the old city is closed for other guests. The Christmas game is presented annually.
From January to JuneThe festivities of Tossas from January to June, 2008
From July to DecemberThe festivities of Tossa from July to December, 2008